Domodedovo airport is the airport of future
On September 27, a presentation of the development program «Prospects for the development of Domodedovo. Aerotropolis Domodedovo» was held for Russian and foreign journalists. Construction and development projects can be the harbingers of the creation of Aerotropolis Domodedovo.

Dmitry Kamenshchik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, said that the volume of the own investments in the development of the airport from 2011 to 2020 will amount to 108 billion rubles.
The airport will invest the most of its own funds in the implementation of construction projects. Pavel Cherepkov, Managing Director of DOMODEDOVO CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT, told about the most large-scale of them. These are the reconstruction and construction of the passenger terminal, which will lead to a rise in its total area by more than 9 times (by 2017); construction of multi-storey car parks will increase the number of parking spaces to 9,700 by 2014; the expansion of the cargo terminal will more than double its throughput – from 160 to 360 thousand tons per year; the construction of its own mini thermal power plant will make it possible to provide the airport with heat and electric energy in an uninterrupted mode: the first stage of this facility will be finished in 2013, the second – in 2016.
The creation of a new type of urban Aerotropolis Domodedovo means attracting investments from other interested parties – business, regional and federal authorities. «The project is attractive to everyone, so we expect to gain support,» Dmitry Kamenshchik told reporters.

Examples of successful cooperation with business, when well-known companies invest in the construction of facilities on the airport environs, were demonstrated by Mark Veksler, Managing Director of DOMODEDOVO DEVELOPMENT. Out of the 50 projects that are currently being worked out, he told about four: a hotel complex under construction in the immediate vicinity of the passenger terminal (the investments are $ 95 million), a cargo village ($ 300 million), a hangar for technical maintenance of aircraft such as Boeing 747 ($ 23 million), an inflight food factory LSG SKY CHEFS ($ 4.5 million).
Regional and federal authorities participate in the development of the unique potential of Domodedovo airport: they finance the construction and reconstruction of the runway, apron, reconstruction and construction of highways and railways connecting the airport with Moscow.

The Domodedovo urban district derives significant benefits from the coordinated development of the airport and its territory. «The proximity to the airport stimulates the arrival of the world's largest companies to the city that ensures a constant increase in tax revenues to the budget,» the Head of the district Dmitry Gorodetskiy informed the participants of the press tour. Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the largest of them. The amount of all taxes paid by the airport in 2010 is more than 7 billion rubles (including 2 billion rubles of income tax, 2.6 billion rubles is VAT).

The airport has a direct impact on the development of the region, creating jobs both at the airport and in related spheres. Each new million passengers served by the airport provides jobs from 700 to 1,000 new employees. According to the Airports Council International (ACI) estimates, if we take into account indirect employment, the number of new jobs reaches 4,000. The employment picture at Domodedovo airport is no exception to global practice. The total number of jobs at the Domodedovo airport in 2010 amounted to about 15.3 thousand employees. In total, more than 29 thousand people worked at the airport, including employees of airlines, service, retail, etc.
The founder of the idea of developing aerotropolises, Professor at the University of North Carolina John Kasarda, who is involved in the development of the Aerotropolis Domodedovo project, is sure that the formation of aerotropolises is an inevitable process of the development of airports, which today are becoming magnets that attract business: «All over the world, intentionally or spontaneously dozens of aerotropolises appear and develop». The fact that the management of Moscow Domodedovo Airport is already beginning to plan the creation of aerotropolis based on the airport and the adjacent territory will further ensure its sustainable development and make the project as efficient, attractive and environmentally friendly as possible, Mr. Kasarda believes.
As part of the press tour, in addition to the multimedia presentation, journalists were able to see the facilities under construction during a helicopter tour and an exciting tour round the terminal under construction.

Online broadcast of the press tour was provided by RIA Novosti, LLC Aeroexpress organized for the journalists the trip to the airport by a high-speed train.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is one of the most dynamically developing airports in Russia and Eastern Europe. Over the past 10 years, the airport's passenger traffic has increased almost 10 times: from 2.8 million people in 2000 to 22.3 million passengers in 2010. More than 80 Russian and foreign airlines are partners of the airport. Moscow Domodedovo Airport has been selected for flights to Moscow by members of the world's leading aviation alliances - Star Alliance, oneworld and SkyTeam.